QC MultiServices is a residential cleaning division of Quesnel Construction, servicing Barrie, Ontario and surrounding area. We offer professional home cleaning, window washing, eavestrough cleaning and insulation blowing. 

With Spring fast approaching, it is time to start thinking about getting rid of the clutter, cobwebs and dust bunnies around your home. Our homes tend to get stuffy and unorganized over the winter months due to the shorter, colder days that we experience. Spring cleaning is never a small job and it can take a homeowner hours, if not days to complete. In fact, this article explains how clutter in the home may be a large cause to your everyday stress.  This year, why not try letting QC Multiservices take care of your spring home cleaning? Our home cleaning includes an extensive cleaning checklist, ensuring that every part of your home is disinfected and thoroughly cleaned. We will have your house feeling like a home again, a place that you can sit back and put your feet up, without worrying about all the chores you should be doing.

For an example of a typical home cleaning, check out our Barrie Home Cleaning page for a full home cleaning checklist, as well as some pictures of some of our previous work. 

During the winter months, we don't notice the finger prints and the animal fur that has collected on our windows and window ledges because looking out at the growing snow banks becomes tiresome and frustrating. In the Spring, we start opening our windows and window coverings to let in the fresh air and to take advantage of what the beautiful season has to offer. QC Multiservices offers professional window cleaning for both inside and outside of your home. We use a specialty window cleaning solution and the necessary tools to ensure the protective coating on your windows remains strong, and to prevent any scratches or chipping in the glass. 

For more information on our window washing services, go to our Barrie Window Washing page.